Hani Khashfeh is a national and international director and director of photography currently based in Beirut (Lebanon).

He specialises in all forms of the moving art from television commercials, music videos, to television shows of all genres.

Stemming from humble beginnings, his loving family always made sure he was constantly surrounded and encouraged in the arts. From piano practice to singing, theatrical participation and of course, cinema; all this helped him develop his constant devotion for the arts.

Hani started in the field of film making at the ripe age of 19, directing and producing a hit music video -while endeavouring his Bachelor's degree in film making- making him the youngest director in the country.

Graduating honourably, hasn't quenched his thirst for knowledge, for he is constantly attending workshops and classes that help him strive to persistently be the best at what he does.

Despite his young age, Khashfeh quickly established himself as one of the most creative directors and directors of photography in the region, having directed more than 20 music videos, television commercials, shows and series.

Authentic, committed, punctual, and brilliant, Hani Khashfeh is endowed with a unique directorial style and an impeccable eye for painting with light, for by being both; he has managed to rivet the audience again and again.

Respected and admired amongst his peers – and all those who have had the chance to work with him- Hani Khashfeh has created a flawless path very few have treaded, and has firmly rooted himself as one of the regions' most shining and desired talents.

Every project he takes on becomes a reverie, and is treated as such from start to finish.

Hani Khashfeh is a distinctive and exceptional name in the media.